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The appearance of this site can be made more vivid and the typeface more legible by enlarging the view. In Firefox, press Ctrl+(+) (without the Shift key) to enlarge by ten percent; press Ctrl+(-) to make smaller. It can be done easily with one hand: cross your left hand over to the right side of the keyboard and hold down Ctrl with the thumb while tapping (+) with the forefinger. In Opera, you can go to View, Zoom, and choose from several sizes. Internet Explorer is more limited in the options it gives. Lately I look at VFR in 120 percent zoom and I prefer it that way.

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Gintas writes:

Shilling for Opera… It’s even easier than you describe. You can zoom in and out on text size using the “+” and “-” keys on the numpad. Most keyboards—not laptops, though—have the numpad on the right, which I think replicates an adding machine.

I also have a little widget in one of my browser bars that is a pull-down of zoom sizes. While I never use it, it does display the current zoom level.

LA replies:

Yes, and in Opera you can also do Ctrl +Shift + (+).

Problem is, the response with either of these keyboard shortcuts in Opera is very slow. In my computer it takes a full second pause after pressing the keys before the change happens. In Firefox, the response to pressing the key combo is instant.

June 24

Emerson G. writes:

In Windows Op System, you can enlarge or reduce by:

Ctrl (+) or (-)

Or even easier:

Ctrl and use mouse wheel up and down

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