Not just rumors of wars, but rumors of Saudi-Israeli cooperation in a war

More fantastic reports of Saudi cooperation with a possible Israeli attack on Iran:

Israel Air Force aircraft dropped off large quantities of military gear at a Saudi Arabian military base a week ago, in preparation for a potential attack on Iran, a number of Iranian and Israeli news outlets have reported.

The unconfirmed report, first published by the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars and the Islam Times Web site, claimed that on June 18 and 19, Israeli helicopters unloaded military equipment and built a base just over 8 km. outside the northwestern city of Tabuk, the closest Saudi city to Israel, located just south of Jordan. All civilian flights into and out of the city were said to have been canceled during the Israeli drop-off, and passengers were reportedly compensated by the Saudi authorities and accommodated in nearby hotels.

I agree with some of the scholarly experts quoted in the article:

“Everything is a bluff,” said Dr. Guy Bechor, head of the Middle East program at Herzliya’s Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy.

“What war with Iran? Do you believe every little report you read? It’s all a bluff.”

“These reports are just pure fantasy and have no foundation,” said Dr. Mustafa Alani, director of security and defense studies at the Dubai based Gulf Research Center.

As someone who has been saying periodically for years that the only solution to the Iranian nuclear threat is a military attack on Iran by the U.S. or Israel, I have long since ceased crediting the reports we keep hearing that such an attack is contemplated or planned. I will only believe that such an attack is going to occur, when it actually has occurred. At this point, after so many years of hearing so much b.s.’ing on this issue, I do not expect it to occur. I expect that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons and delivery systems, and thereafter be in a position, at the least, to blackmail Europe into submitting to its will, and, at the worst, to destroy Israel, and that the world will have become an immeasurably darker place. I hope that I am wrong.

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