Attempted murder of British MP over Iraq war

Last May, an Asian woman, presumably a Muslim, though her name does not seem Islamic, stabbed twice and attempted to murder a member of Parliament over his vote in favor of the Iraq war. The trial is going on now. A reader sends the story from The Sun. Has this story ever appeared in the U.S. media? Evidently not. And why should we expect it to? Given that the American media and the U.S. government treated Nidal Hasan’s jihad act of mass murder at Fort Hood, which was largely motivated by his opposition to the Iraq war, as a generic instance of “workplace violence,” why should a Muslim woman’s attempted assassination of a lone British MP over the Iraq war even register in the American media? For that matter, the Sun’s story is so brief, that we could say that the attempted assassination has barely registered in the British media as well. From the British point of view, any politician who supported the Iraq war is barely human in any case.

‘Assassin stabbed MP over Iraq war’

A FEMALE assassin in black clothing, a headscarf and veil stabbed MP Stephen Timms twice in revenge for voting for the Iraq war, a court heard yesterday.

Student Roshonara Choudhry, 21, approached the Labour politician with her left hand outstretched.

As he stood to greet her, she used her other hand to plunge a knife into his stomach, the Old Bailey heard.

The court heard that Mr Timms asked Choudhry: “Why did you do that?”—before she stabbed him again.

She later told police she intended to kill former Treasury minister Mr Timms, MP for East Ham, East London, as a punishment for his stance on the war.

She told cops: “I was hoping to get revenge for the people of Iraq. I was not going to stop until someone made me. I wanted to kill him.”

Mr Timms was taken to hospital after the alleged attack at a constituency surgery in Beckton—eight days after the general election last May. He had the largest Labour majority in the country. [LA replies: He was taken to the hospital after the “alleged” attack? Maybe he was only allegedly taken to the hospital.]

Choudhry, of East Ham, refused to attend the hearing and her lawyer told jurors she does not recognise the jurisdiction of the court.

Jeremy Dein QC said: “Ms Choudhry does not wish us to challenge the evidence and does not wish to give evidence.

“In those circumstances, we don’t propose to play any active part in this trial.”

Choudhry has previously denied attempted murder and possessing offensive weapons.

The MP told the court he was sitting at a desk when Choudhry approached and motioned for her to sit on a chair.

He said: “She didn’t sit down. She continued to come forward. I thought she was coming to shake my hand. She looked friendly and was smiling.”

Mr Timms said Choudhry then lunged at him. An assistant grabbed the knife. The trial is expected to end today.

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Daniel H. writes:

Choudry is a common Pakistani name. Definitely Muslim.

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