Obama’s message

From Rush Limbaugh’s broadcast of July 23, commenting on Obama’s press-conference remarks about the Gates matter:

… We got the ACORN reaction last night. We got the militant black reaction, the Cornel West angry reaction. Basically we saw a community organizer in action last night, and he sends a message to young people all over the country that cops are stupid. The president of the United States says the police act stupidly. All it does is cement in certain people’s minds that there’s a constant adversarial relationship with the cops, the cops are bad. My president even says the cops are stupid. President says the cops are racist, the cops profiling and so forth. This is agitation last night, folks. That’s why I’m very uncomfortable with this. Obama is not a force for positive race relations in this country. He is not a uniter….

The other day, in Gates’s message to America, I wrote:

Gates sees a police officer simply doing his job, and because the officer is white, Gates immediately commences calling him a racist and accusing him of coming to Gates’s door for no other reason than to hassle a black man. Gates’s conduct reveals in its raw essence the elite liberal and nonwhite stance toward ordinary, white America: it is bigotry and hatred, aimed at intimidating, delegitimizing, devaluing, and discombobulating white people, because they’re white. It is the Big Lie, doing to whites what it falsely accuses whites of doing to nonwhites.

And now we know that Gates’s message is also Barack Obama’s message.

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