Liberal heaven

A trinity of liberal personalities—Joy Behar, Republican consultant Alex Castellanos, and Phil Donahue—reach an empyrean of liberal silliness about the Arizona law. Imagine that a bunch of whacked-out, drunken college students on Spring Break were occupying influential positions in our society. That’s what the liberal elite are.

When the Museum of Liberalism is created some day, perhaps as part of the Institute for the Study of Liberal Society, this video should be in its permanent collection.

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Matt C. writes:

Joy Behar, referring to Arizona’s new immigration law, asks the (likely rhetorical) question “If this isn’t unconstitutional, then what is?”.

One answer to her query would be: “The individual mandate in the health care bill.”

N., who sent the video, writes:

“…an empyrean of liberal silliness… “

Excellent, le seul mot juste!

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