Bawer on Norway

Here is an interview Bruce Bawer gave the Jerusalem Post in April on the subject, “Making sense of Norwegian anti-Semitism.” Bawer, we know, is prone to exaggeration, even hysterical exaggeration, as when he joined up with Charles Johnson in 2009 and denounced the entire anti-jihad movement for aligning themselves with European fascists. As I said at the time, if Bawer dismisses all conservative anti-jihadists as fascists and homophobes, who does he think is going to be left to oppose jihadism? In the present interview, he damages his credibility further when he says that a Muslim riot in Oslo in 2009 left the city looking like Sarajevo.

Still, he seems to know something about what is going on in that country. He points out, for example, that many members of the ruling Norwegian Labor Party are former Communists, and that Norway tilted pro-Soviet even during the Cold War as a member of NATO. He tells how, as a result of the influx of Muslims into Norway, combined with the Norwegians’ eager moves to accommodate the Muslims in all things, Norway, even more than Europe generally, has turned sharply anti-Israel and anti-Jewish, subscribing with its whole heart and being to the dogma that Muslims are victims and Israel a Nazi-like oppressor, and that all Muslim terrorism is caused by Israel; and identifying these counter-reality beliefs with virtue itself.

Based not just on Bawer, but on other stories published recently, a portrait of that country is emerging. Norway has made a cult out of Muslims in a way that goes beyond even “Eurabia.” Norway is so pure in its cultural leftism, pro-jihadism, anti-Israelism, and anti-Westernness that it doesn’t even belong to the EU. It’s almost as though the EU were not leftist enough for it! And this Hyperborian distance from the West is facilitated by Norway’s North Sea oil wealth.

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To top it off, let us note what Canadian leftist Ken Hechtman told us in another entry today, that “Fatah is Norwegian Labour’s sister party through the Socialist International.” (In that same entry, see another reader’s comment on the Socialist International.)

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