Can we separate?

Ben W. writes:

Subject: History’s Two Streams

One part of humanity—the liberal, Darwinian stream—did descend from the first European Cro-Magnon man (the African Negro). The rest of us have a divine descent…hehehe.

LA replies:

Ben’s joke is not as “racist” as it may seem, and I don’t see it as just a joke. What is the main difference between liberals and conservatives? Liberals reject God, except for the liberal God made in man’s image. Liberals think that anyone who believes that man is made in God’s image is a nazifascisthomophobicracist, while they also insist that (white) man is only complete and good when he has a black man glued to him at the hip, because, for liberals, nonwhites and especially blacks are the very source of goodness. And the liberals project the same dichotomy (rejecting God, making a god of the Black Man) back into the past. For example, they deny that America in its early history was a society based largely on Christianity, and they treat the thousand years of the Middle Ages, when Europe was formed, and when it was undeniably Christian, and when there were no blacks in Europe, as one vast night of bergenbelsenbuchanwaldtreblinkasobiborglenbeckrushlimbaugh. So let the liberals have their preferred history, in which from the beginning the Black Man was with them, and the Black Man was them, but God was not with them, and God was not. Let the two streams of humanity have their different origins, and go their different ways.

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