Shopping cart victim may have had her life ruined, but is unshaken in her liberalism

Karl D. writes:

Sticking to her liberal roots, Marion Hedges of Manhattan, who was put into a coma and seems to have suffered permanent brain damage at the hands of the two savages who pushed a shopping cart from a fourth story walk way onto her head, has said that she forgives them and is “more concerned about the economic conditions that created the situation.” Lessons learned? Zero.

Notice that the Daily Mail refers to the incident as a “Halloween prank.” A prank gone wrong I suppose.

LA replies:

How about “a depraved homicidal act gone wrong”?

Previous entries on the crime are here, here, and here.

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January 10

Alexis Zarkov writes:

A commenter wrote: “Notice that the Daily Mail refers to the incident as a “Halloween prank.” A prank gone wrong I suppose.” He supposes correctly because a photo caption in the article reads, “Horrific: It all went wrong on the Sunday evening before Halloween at the shopping centre in East Harlem. Here, police arrive at the scene … ” How could this have been a “prank” when the savages knew what they were doing, and still exhibit aggressive behavior? From the article,

“I’m not paroling your client today,” the judge said adding, “His behaviour toward other kids has improved a little, but there shouldn’t be any aggression much less more aggression.”

At least the judge has some sense. Releasing this savage would put the public at risk. Many people don’t understand that black boys mature somewhat faster than white boys. A black twelve-year-old is more like a white thirteen-year-old or even fourteen-year-old in terms of physical maturity. Now he’s thirteen, and is likely very dangerous. I do think that at age thirteen he would go to a regular criminal court instead of family court should he strike again and commit a serious crime. In New York City at twelve and under you have a license to kill.

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