Liberalism: the Full Monty

David B. writes:

Last night I had a long phone conversation with my liberal friend, Professor F. He said, “David, what is with you about blacks? Do you think they aren’t human?” I was telling him about the murder of the woman who invited a 22 year old black man into her condo.

Professor F. says that “she did the right thing. She was showing her lack of prejudice.” When I reminded F. that Jeanne Calle was murdered and would still be alive if she had not showed a black her apartment, F. said, “What is the thing you have about blacks?”

F. tells me that I have to stop paying attention to “crime stories,” and that I should stay away from VFR. F. says that people like Lawrence Auster are a bad influence on me.

Professor F. believes that Eric Holder is right. “We are a nation of cowards. We don’t admit the truth about racism,” he said. When I Tell him that the high black crime rate isn’t discussed, he said, “That’s racist.” So to Professor F. we are a nation of cowards who won’t tell the truth. But if we tell the truth about black crime and depravity, we’re “racists.”

LA replies:
David, may I express my opinion about your friend Professor F.?

Given his response to you, I think he is evil. I wouldn’t waste my time talking to him.

However, at the same time, I can understand the usefulness of talking to him, because he expresses the radical liberal view so perfectly.

P.S. However, I see that he told you that you should avoid me! So we’re even. (As though you got your views on blacks and crime from me.)

David replies:

When he said that Jeanne Calle did the right thing in inviting a strange black man to her apartment, I almost fell out of my chair. Professor F. often says things like this, but that may be the most off the wall. He is obsessed with “how bad blacks were treated in the past,” and that white racism is still a major problem.

He is anything but alone. Go back to the Nicholas Stix Vdare article on the Anne Pressly murder. Scroll down to the link to the Daily Kos comments. There was a long string of comments by people who were certain an Anne Coulter fan murdered Anne Pressly. They were supposedly angry at her role in the Oliver Stone film.

I have thought about no longer talking to him. A month or so ago, we were in his office on campus. He declared that Georgia was only 10% white in 1860 and America as a whole was about 35% black in 1860. He called out to a history professor next door. Professor A., an American history teacher, quickly corrected Professor F. None of the Southern states were more than around 35% black in 1860, and most northern states had very few blacks. Professor A. is also a liberal, but he does know his business.

Professor F. is a Geography teacher. He tells me, “For every sorry-assed black guy I have known, I have known fifty sorry-assed white guys.”

David continues:

I’m taking your advice. I’m not going to call up Professor F. any more, nor will I go by his office. If he calls me, I will be polite and talk to him, but that will be all. On reflection, he went over the line last night. Lately he has been sounding like a loyal citizen of a dictatorship in which the Leader cannot be criticized.

He said it was “racist” to state true facts and that it was “good” for a woman to invite a strange black man up to her apartment who kills her. F. also said that it was “racist” if we say something that AG Holder would not like. He may be going off the deep end.

- end of initial entry -

Terry Morris writes:

I hope that Professor F. isn’t married and doesn’t have daughters. But the fact remains that even if he doesn’t there are plenty of men out there like him who do. It is no wonder, then, that women in our society no longer consider men to be their protectors. We men do everything we can to make women independent of our protectorship, then say that they did the “right thing” when their exercise of bad judgment gets them beaten and brutally murdered.

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