BNP platform

A summary of the BNP’s policies is listed at, based on information from the BNP’s website. How many of these positions do you agree with?

  • The ending of immigration to the UK

  • A massively-funded and permanent programme, using and doubling Britain’s current foreign aid budget … to reduce, by voluntary resettlement to their lands of ethnic origin, the proportion of ethnic minorities living in Britain.

  • The removal of all illegal immigrants [14]

  • The repeal of all equality and anti-discrimination legislation, including measures aimed at employing people with disabilities.

  • Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the pursuit of protectionist economic measures.

  • Encouraging greater share-ownership and worker co-operatives.

  • Restricting foreign aid to the support of countries receiving “repatriated” members of ethnic minorities. Griffin argued against giving unconditional foreign aid, including disaster aid, claiming ‘charity’ is not an acceptable use of public funds[15].

  • The introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals, and the introduction of capital punishment for paedophiles and terrorists and its reintroduction for murderers.

  • The reintroduction of national service and the deprivation of some civil rights from conscientious objectors, including the right to vote.

  • The requirement of all law-abiding adults completing national service to maintain a standard issue automatic rifle in their home.

  • A mandatory jail term for anyone assaulting an NHS worker.

I like the whole thing. I’m still leery of the BNP as people, based on what I’ve heard about them, but how could I not wish a party well whose platform is right on so many points, in a different galaxy from the major parties? Even if the BNP candidates are unqualified for political office, wouldn’t the success of a party with such a platform represent progress for those principles?

I wonder which BNP planks Peter Hitchens, author of the hard-hitting-sounding The Abolition of Britain, who urges people not to vote for the BNP, opposes? Does he oppose the ending of immigration into Britain? Does he want all the recent immigrants to stay? Does he oppose the removal of illegal immigrants? Does he want to keep all the anti-discrimination legislation? Does he want Britain to remain in the EU? Does he want Britain to have trade policies that put its workers on the same level as workers in third-world countries?

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Stephen T. writes:

I’ve always appreciated the fact that, while one page of the BNP’s website investigates the crime wave associated with Third World immigrants in British cities, another page includes birdwatcher’s bulletins, dolphin sightings, and crop reports. Too bad that “conservatives” in this country have abandoned the issues of natural land heritage and concern for animal welfare in favor of the country club and the corporate jet.

An illuminating comparison can be drawn between the BNP’s “Land & People” platform, which promotes the permanence and sanctity of the national natural heritage and the preservation of the native population within its defended borders, and the Mexican’s in-your-face flag-waving and chest-pounding to assert “Mexican Pride” … while they squat illegally in another country after having casually bailed out of their own corrupted and trashed native land.

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