Britain in extremis (and we ain’t seen nothing yet)

A British blogger named Winston Smith pours forth his views on the fraught situation in that Island, with particular emphasis on the fact that the likes of Melanie Phillips and Peter Hitchens, conservative nationalists who passionately condemn the three main parties that are leading Britain into oblivion, condemn with even more vehemence the one party in Britain that is addressing the very issues the Big Three ignore.

Unfortunately, Smith’s blog entry is 10,000 words long. I read it in jumps and skips. But his position is coherent, and it matters. Please read at least some of it. He’s a good man, his heart and mind are in the right place, he understands and he feels what’s happening to Britain and he states it very well. God bless him. And God bless and save the British people.

On the ever remarkable subject of Melanie Phillips,—the anti-Islam Cassandra who never criticizes Islam, the condemner of Britain’s “lethal” immigration policy who never calls for the reduction of British immigration by even one immigrant per year, the despiser of the British Establishment who despises even more the ONLY party that is challenging that establishment—in this article (written Oct 2007), I solve the Melanie mystery.

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Philip M. writes:

I read the blog by Winston Smith you posted on your site. He makes a lot of sensible points, but his final analysis is flawed. He approvingly quotes Norman Tebbit who said

“Youngsters of all races born here should be taught that British history is their history, or they will forever be foreigners holding British passports and this kingdom will become a Yugoslavia,”

This is a good example of how the left control both sides of the debate. On the one hand there are the “multiculturalists,” who want a diversity of cultures of which British is an increasing minority, and on the other hand the supposedly “conservative” position in which Britain becomes multi-racial but everyone must conform to British culture. In the long run, both mean the death of our people.

The Winston Smith/Norman Tebbit position is hopelessly naive. Immigrants are not stupid. They know full well that British history is not “their” history. The atavistic desire to know where you come from cannot be suppressed, especially when you look so very different, racially, to the people in the history books you are being told are “your” people. How many Americans would think that native American culture is “their” culture because that was the historic culture of the land on which they now reside? Would native Americans want “Anglos” to turn up at their festivals and start joining in? Why don’t British children have to be told that British history is “their” history, too? Anyone who needs to be told by politicians what their culture is clearly isn’t a part of it. Americans trace their ancestry and culture back to the places they came from, and immigrants to Britain are no different. There is no point trying to teach non-Europeans our history, because in the main part, they will—understandably—not be interested. To pretend otherwise demeans both them and us.

A culture is not just a piece of clothing that can be worn and thrown off at will. It is a living thing, and it is living because it is passed on exclusively by the peoples that created them. A culture cannot be loaned or given to others, it is something you are born into, an outward manifestation of a genetic lineage.

Winston closes by saying

” I however would truly like to see the BNP accept ethnic candidates, for the sake of gaining more followers.”

All I can say is, over my dead body. If the BNP ever chose to do this, I and many others would leave the party the same day. I do not want my culture reduced to a Disneyland theme-park ride in which anyone who pays for a ticket can jump on board and experience being English for half an hour.

There are reports in the news that the government is considering using anti-discrimination legislation to force the BNP to accept ethnic minorities. Winston may like to consider why, if this is such a good move politically, the government would want to force this on us. It is because they know that a multi-racial BNP could no longer represent the interests of the ethnic British people, and would become riven with the same internecine squabbling, racial paranoia and ethnic divisions that are destroying all other aspects of British civic life.

LA replies:

As I said before, I didn’t read the whole article. The parts I read were mainly about Melanie Phillips’s angle on the BNP. I didn’t notice the parts you read.

But give Winston credit. He has a position that he keeps to, while defending the BNP, despite his differences with it on that one issue. He is the kind of guy you can disagree with on some particulars. Don’t dump on him because he’s not with you 100 percent.

June 12

Philip replies:

I realise that. He seems like a decent guy, and it is rare for someone with a black wife and mixed-race children, as he says he has, to be so open-minded about the BNP. I appreciate his good will. But we are either a party for indigenous Brits or we are nothing. Everything else is just window dressing. I would rather defiantly lose the struggle for our country outright than concede this point and die a slow, lingering death under a multi-racial BNP. I am really concerned about the government forcing this on the BNP.

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