A British paper notices the Knoxville Atrocity

Karl D. writes:

The Daily Mail has struck again and asks: “Is political correctness to blame for lack of coverage over horrific black on white killing in America’s deep south?” Besides most commenters being repulsed by the sheer savagery of the murders, they seem to answer YES to that question.

LA replies:

Other than the fact that it criticizes the U.S. media for ignoring the case, I don’t think it’s a good article. The writer, David Gardner, makes it appear that crimes such as the Knoxville Atrocity are routinely committed by whites against blacks in the “deep south” (his beat is the U.S. and he thinks eastern Tennessee is the Deep South!); and he goes to great lengths to dismiss the idea that it was a “hate” crime, meaning that if the criminals did not say, quote unquote, “We are attacking these people because they are white and we hate white people,” therefore the crime has nothing to do with race. He ignores the flaming hatred and desire for vengeance against white people that exists in the U.S. black community and is repeatedly acted out by blacks.

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