Hispanic riot in New Hampshire

John Hagan writes:

Ten or twelve years ago a riot with hundreds of nonwhites in the streets anyplace in New Hampshire was unheard of. There days, not so much. From what I can find out this “disturbance” involved Hispanic gang members attacking each other.

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Kevin V. writes:

I suppose it’s petty of me, but I have to say as a Californian I am very pleased to see the Latino wave is now breaking over New England, in addition to Somali refugees in Maine and Africans and Cape Verdeans in Boston. Since it is largely New England political views that have led to the U.S. now being a propositional nation demonstrating its universal values by electing a new people, it is only fitting that they finally enjoy the fruits of their labors. I sincerely hope they fully enjoy them.

In fact, I can’t quite recall ever sincerely hoping for anything with such fervor.

Best to you from non-riotious and by-no-means lost Europe,

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