Blacks in speeding car almost hit woman’s dog; she asks them to slow down; they shoot her dead in a hail of gunfire

This story was reported by a local TV station in Alabama:

(MOBILE, Ala.) The woman shot dead after confronting a speeding car in her neighborhood was a proud mother of two.

Forty-year-old Wendy Fisher always talked about her son and daughter, co-workers told Local 15 News at the Haberdasher in downtown Mobile, where Fisher was a bartender.

Fisher was fatally shot in the chest outside her home on Racine Avenue Saturday evening and died later at USA Medical Center. Witnesses told Local 15 Fisher was arguing with the driver and passengers of a car speeding down her street, asking them to slow down after almost hitting her dog.

According to a witness, a young man inside the car partially opened his door and fired a series of shots.

Wendy Fisher. Shot dead, because no one told her not
to diss blacks by asking them to slow down their car
Fisher’s daughter posted a touching message on her mother’s Facebook page, writing “Loved but never forgotten. I love you with all my heart… We loved you as much as you loved us.”

No arrests have been made, but Mobile Police released an updated suspect vehicle description Sunday afternoon. The vehicle is described as a dark sedan, green or gray, with dark tinted windows.

It’s possibly a Honda Civic or Nissan Altima. The car was last seen speeding away with three to four black males inside.

Notice how the subnormally intelligent reporter describes the act of “asking” them to slow down as a “confrontation.” That is to adopt the black view of things, according to which, asking a black not to do something dangerous is confronting him, indeed, dissing him, the penalty for which is instant death.

If this woman had heard of the murder of Christopher Kernich in Kent, Ohio in very similar circustances, she might have been more circumspect in asking the savages not to speed in a residential neighborhood. But how would she have known about Christopher Kernich? In liberal America, whites murdered by blacks are expendable, and so liberal America systematically conceals from whites how dangerous blacks are to them. If she had read VFR’s extended list of things to avoid, she would have known, and she would still be alive.

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