Running out the clock, time standing still

Paul Henri writes:

Dear Lawrence,

As is your talent, you boiled a complex situation down to, “I kept saying we needed a much larger national discussion not only on what we needed to do in Iraq but on what our whole strategy toward Islam ought to be.” Of course.

Beautiful: “My views found no echo in the mainstream ‘debate.’ In fact, there was no mainstream debate, there was only the mindless, endless exchange between ‘Stay the course! Democracy is the answer!’ and ‘HE LIED.’” [emphasis added.]

All the Best,

Dear Paul,

Thank you very much. I’m grateful you noticed that, because it really captured my feelings about this insane situation, as we stand off to the side, not being alienated or anti-American, but just speechless with consternation that the country is facing this enormous challenge and it’s not even discussing it and doesn’t want to discuss it, even as it carries on this screaming “debate” that doesn’t begin to touch the real scope of the problem.


Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 20, 2005 10:22 PM | Send

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