Nothing on McGee murder

Karen writes from England:

There is now a media blackout on this event. Total silence. No further information about the murder suspect.

LA replies:

It’s now three days and 18 hours since Patrick McGee was murdered and his severed head was found in a garbage bin outside his home. There’s been one mainstream news story on it, in the Mail, on Wednesday, and that’s it.

Karen replies:

The media blackout suggests that the suspect is a Muslim. If he was an ordinary black savage they would have casually mentioned his name. And if he was white he would have been front page news. There is a total silence. The economic condition of the country (rapidly deteriorating) makes the politicians afraid of riots and a Muslim beheading a man could be a trigger.

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LA writes:

In another thread last evening, Mark Jaws reasonably criticized me for acting as though it’s a foregone conclusion that the killer is a Muslim, which, if it turns out not to be the case, could discredit me and enable the other side to claim that our side overstates the Muslim problem.

Here is a comment I’ve just posted in that thread:

December 19, 12:55 p.m.Eastern Standard Time

LA writes:

As indicated in Karen’s exchange with me today, the fact that after almost four days there is a total media blackout on a sensational crime that normally would have received intense coverage strongly suggests that the suspect is a Muslim. Why else would there be such silence? What are the authorities concealing? In the Greyhound beheading last summer, it took 37 hours before the cautious and ultra PC Canadian authorities provided the name of the suspect. It is now 93 hours since police, according to the one and only news story that’s been published on the murder, arrested a man at the scene after discovering Mr. McGee’s severed head at 9:20 p.m. December 15, and there have been zero further facts on the case.

To repeat, The Mail has had one article. There’s been nothing from The Times, nothing from The Telegraph, nothing from The Express, nothing from The Mirror, nothing from the BBC, nothing from The Scotsman

LA continues:

On the long delay of the authorities in the Greyhound beheading case, see also the more substantive thread: “36 hours after beheading in Canada bus, no new information.”

Hannon writes:

Of interest to the beheading story (which in the Mail search engine cannot be found by that word but by “decapitated” or “mcgee”): NO COMMENTS SECTION whatsoever. Nothing. I checked several stories of similar vintage and all had comments sections intact. Including this one, “Filmed beheadings show Russian neo-Nazis are borrowing tactics from al Qaeda,” which adds weight to your idea that no matter who beheaded McGee, the odds are overwhelming that he was Muslim or Muslim-influenced:

Morbidly interesting. I find Russia to be extremely compelling as a study in humanity but it is difficult to bring myself to read more about it. It seems too depressing at every turn in its history.

Hannon writes:

I wrote this in the “general comments” to The Mail:

Please provide or restore the comments section for the man (McGee) who was beheaded in Manchester. Why are they absent? Why is there no follow-up to this story about the situation, about the suspect? This is an outrage against England.

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