The Wichita massacre—how did the killers get into the house?

David B . writes:

A week ago, Fox News Channel had a half-hour program on the December 2000 Wichita Massacre. Five white people were attacked in a home invasion, with four killed after being sexually tortured. The fifth survived a gunshot and ran naked for help. I have never seen this event on TV before. It was on Kimberley Guilfoyle’s “The Lineup.” The FNC program had several gruesome photos of the death scene in a soccer field. There was also footage from the trial.

There is one aspect that I have wondered about. How did the killers gain entrance? The owner of the condo, Jason Beaufort, had locked the doors and turned out the lights before getting into bed with his girlfriend known as “H.G.” Since she was raped, her name is never mentioned. Two others, Heather Mueller and Bradley Heyka, were asleep in other bedrooms. The fifth, Aaron Sander, was sleeping on a couch in the living room near the front door.

At about 11 pm, H.G. noted that the porch light came on, and heard voices. Then, an armed black man burst into their room. Sander had decided to study for the priesthood. He must have opened the door. It was around 20 degrees outside with snow on the ground. The killers may have said that their car had broken down and needed to use a telephone to call for help. Sander obligingly let them in. This is my opinion, as I haven’t seen this anywhere else. My source is Stephen Webster’s piece in the August 2002 American Renaissance, which is archived at and

Also, the victims never attempted to resist, even though they were left with only one of the killers at times as they took them singly to ATM machines. Just as many people failed to evacuate the South Tower, the Wichita victims hoped that the Carr brothers would not kill them.

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