Methodist Church prohibits members from belonging to BNP, says Christianity means openness to all people (except for BNP members)

Mark Tooley writing at FrontPage Magazine states, correctly, that “radical Islam” is a far greater threat to Britain than the BNP, but then he talks about the BNP as though it were still the anti-Semitic party it was ten years ago. I’ve posted a comment defending the BNP from that charge.

Tooley’s article concerns the Methodist Church, which has banned its members from joining the BNP.

“We must be clear that racism is a denial of the gospel,” explained the anti-BNP motion’s presenter at the British Methodist Church’s recent Annual Conference. “An openness to all people, regardless of nationality, is at the heart of Methodist identity.”

I couldn’t have descrtibed liberal Christianity better myself. Yet ironically the speaker didn’t say, “An openness to all people, regardless of religion, is at the heart of Methodist identity,” which is the actual issue when we’re talking about Islam. Perhaps he felt that that would have been too much even for hyper liberal Methodists to swallow.

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