Romney—a nice, liberal-leaning nonentity in the true Republican tradition

Vincent Chiarello writes at The Thinking Housewife:

I am ineluctably drawn to the conclusion that to believe that Romney is a conservative other than a fiscal one is also to believe in the tooth fairy. All conservatives of faith know that Romney is a cipher on social issues, but this support of homosexual leaders in the Boy Scouts is, to cite the military reference, a bridge too far.

LA replies:

Probably his position from 1994 that Romney re-iterated the other day had to do with homosexuals as Boy Scout leaders. But, as I understand it, the current issue, which the Boy Scouts just pronounced on, has to do with homosexuals as Boy Scout members. I’m not sure if those are separate issues or the same issue. In any case, to the extent Romney has any beliefs on social issues, he is a social liberal.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 11, 2012 04:08 PM | Send

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