Why should white women fight against liberalism?

In this entry, Laura Wood addresses the question, given that today’s liberal society is so advantageous to them, why should white women fight for a return to traditionalism? In particular, why should they defend the white race?

Jordan writes:

Laura Wood is a keeper, isn’t she? She is willing to tackle the big questions head on, without fear, bless her. I wish more American women were like her, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. The BIG question I have for her is: what is in it for white European-American women of today to become “race-conscious”? Right now they have the law on their side, complete freedom, equality (they are actually doing better then men economically, especially if you just look at the under-30s crowd), opportunity, and, best of all, enough remains of traditional culture that they at the same time can completely drop out of the rat race and decide to be mothers and stay at home without, unlike men, any loss of cultural and social status. To top it all off, they are also tops on the beauty scale, with men of all races agreeing that they are the most beautiful of women. Really, given those facts on the ground, why would white women fight for a return to traditionalism?

Laura Wood replies:

Thank you to Jordan for the compliment. But, the truth is many Western women are like me. They hold the same basic aspirations, dreams and yearnings. It is true that many are ardent followers of feminist ideology, especially those most visible in the media, politics, medicine, law and popular culture. They have embraced this ideology at the expense of the personal happiness, sanity and fulfillment of women at large. As we all know, there is not an ounce of wisdom in it. I am confident they can be persuaded to give it up, provided men really want them to give it up.

Let me address the question of whether women will embrace traditionalism in general and then whether they will embrace race consciousness.

Perhaps Jordan has been reading Gail Collins, the New York Times author who has just written a book about the “amazing journey” of American women in the past 50 years and from her, or women like her, he gets the idea that women are at the top of their game, a transparent lie that cannot be reasonably defended. Women are experiencing divorce, single motherhood, sexual disease, loneliness, economic pressure, workaholism, infertility, childlessness, lesbianism, obesity and depression at levels unknown 60 years ago. The idea that women are reveling in newfound happiness is the overworked fantasy of women such as Collins, of men who have been rejected by a few pretty women in bars, and of those men who have been the very tragic victims of divorce initiated by women who are constitutionally incapable of handling the sort of marital freedom modern liberalism has placed in their hands. Add more problems to those I listed above as the women who have lived under feminism enter old age and face these challenging years without husbands, children or real communities. Add also the unhappiness of female children. Many live in homes without fathers (more than 30 percent of them do) and without attentive mothers. Others grow up spoiled with things and with spurts of parental over-attention while neglected in their development, essentially raised by popular culture and mean-spirited teen hordes rather than by mothers, relatives and neighbors. I think of Sarah Palin’s comment that she just “assumed [Bristol] was not doing it,” and that her 17-year-old daughter would procure some contraceptives if she was going to have sex. As a result, Bristol’s life has been turned upside down, as have the lives of so many girls who have had sex too soon, stunting their mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

I recommend the first-hand accounts of women who have had abortions and who have been honest about its effect on them. These aren’t the exaggerated fantasies of pro-life conservatives or the overheated reactions of a few neurotics. This represents a significant unreported cultural event, a river of tears that runs through a culture of hedonism. I recommend Motherhood Interrupted by Jane Brennan. Even a quick look at her website will give you an idea. Abortion will ultimately be defeated by women such as Brennan, who are open about how it permanently changes their lives, just as lesbianism and male homosexuality as widely accepted cultural phenomena will be defeated by those who have embraced it and are honest about its devastating effect on their lives.

Women make more personal income today (which is not to say they are overall financially better off) and they have more sexual partners (which is not to say they have better sex lives). Those are the only things that could possibly be termed gains for them and both of these so-called gains cause them many problems. Of course, sex and money are all it takes for some women, but not most. Even women in elite colleges, who would seem to have everything going for them and men at their disposal, are often more confused, pressured, ambivalent and unhappy than women of previous eras. Some find escape in lesbian sex or impossibly romantic dreams of fancy careers that can only come at the cost of children and healthy marriages. At least 30 percent of the women with graduate professional degrees have no children at all. Childlessness is contrary to the basic nature of women.

Furthermore, women cannot, as Jordan claims, drop out of the rat race without loss of social status. An educated woman who has spent 20 or more years of her life in educational institutions preparing her for a lifetime of personal transformation through career can only drop out at the loss of her entire identity. It’s enough to make women almost clinically schizophrenic. Driven on one hand by their natural inclinations to love and serve others in the non-commercial spheres of home and community, and pressed on the other by the relentless pressure to be like men and view all affairs as ultimately commercial, they become mentally unhinged and emotionally unstable. I think the evidence of this is everywhere. I might add that living the lives of men is both incredibly boring and over-stimulating for women.

I could go on and on. The point is, many more women would be willing allies in embracing traditionalism if they were exposed to it. I’m just more outspoken in saying what many women feel. I have received personal notes from many women who agree with everything I say, women who are largely without moral support from society at large in their work as wives and mothers. Conservative men, at least in the mainstream movement, certainly haven’t gone to bat for them. In fact, conservatism has pretty much left them high and dry, telling them they must go ahead and embrace feminism because of permanent and irretrievable changes in our global economy.

But I would never attempt to convince Jordan that women will lead the way. It’s generally men who publicly define and defend social and political ideals. As for race-consciousness, that in particular is a man’s game. Maybe I’m wrong, but as I see it women aren’t going to join in and for good reason. They don’t have the ability physically to defend themselves. From that, as well as from their generally less aggressive instincts and intellectual limitations, as well as the biological realities of sexual competition and sexual violence, flows their general fear and abhorrence of addressing racial issues. I have encountered only a handful of women who have been able to address race in anything but the most couched and indirect language. I’ve concluded it’s impossible for them to do otherwise, but I also don’t see them effectively resisting the growth of racial consciousness in white men.

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