Contra naturam

This is Brig. Gen. Heidi Brown, who is overseeing the logistical aspects of the U.S. withdrawal in Iraq:


You know what I thought of when I looked at that picture? I thought of another picture:


This is Heather Fong, the Chinese lesbian police chief of San Francisco, with Theresa Sparks, a former male now “female” who is the head of San Francisco’s Police Commission, and Stephan Thorne, a former female now “male” police sergeant, at a rally commemorating the transgender liberation movement.

The disturbingly unnatural quality of the people in this photo is the same as the disturbingly unnatural quality of a female “general.” Liberal society makes freakishness normal and the unnatural natural, and tells us that if we find it disturbing, we are disturbed.

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Richard H. writes:

Isn’t the most depressing thing about the whole thing how conservatives go around saying “men and women” in the armed forces? I got the idea watching people in Idaho wishing the captured soldier well on TV yesterday. Seeing these people from Middle America say “men and women” disturbed me. But that’s what conservatives have been doing for half a century. Token resistance to liberalism, until yesterday’s liberalism is today’s patriotism.

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