VFR, August 20, 2010

I may be biased, but yesterday seemed to me like an exceptional day at this blog, with a large number of entries on varied topics all of which I felt were distinctive and worthwhile, and I wondered if readers could keep up with them as the new entries appeared and the older ones rolled down the page out of sight.

Here, then, is a list of yesterday’s entries with a short summary of each. Of the seven initial entries, four were written by readers, not by me.

Another voice of hope in the darkness
A beautiful statement by a reader about how reaching one person with the enlivening truth is more valuable than reaching millions with trash.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter the ranks of the Jew-haters
John McNeil comes to realize, after a year of trying, that it’s impossible to lead the right-wing anti-Semites out of the darkness in which they reside. They have to want to escape it themselves.

A more hopeful glimpse of the future
A young, confident traditionalist posting at Laura Wood’s site shows by his very existence that the Roissyites’ notion of how young men must live today is false.

Obama’s eternal free fall continues
How can an object—or a president’s approval ratings—be in “free fall” for ten months? A reflection on mainstream conservatives’ inattention to the meaning of the phrases they constantly use.

Are the Muslims faking us out in the battle over the Ground Zero mosque?
Two thought-provoking scenarios of how the GZ mosque issue might be resolved.

The need for a better word for anti-Semitism
A proposal for a descriptive, non-judgmental term for those who see the Jews as The Enemy.

A lament for our vanishing culture
A reader speaks of how young people today live in a mental environment consisting of “online garbage heaps” and seem to have no culture, no knowledge of the world outside their immediate, superficial experiences.

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