When he was a senator I described Chuck Hagel as a Neanderthal, with Neanderthal-type facial features. When he was recently nominated for Secretary of Defense I opined that he is “actively stupid.” Now mainstream opinion, liberal and conservative, is catching up with me. See “CNN: Senators ‘Shocked’ at How Ill-Prepared Hagel Is,” and then see “Hagel’s 7 [sic] Worst Moments in Round One.”

But despite Hagel’s generally recognized incompetence and stupidity, all the commentators say his nomination will be approved anyway, because the Democrats will unanimously vote for him.

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James W. writes:

It makes no sense to raise issues of competence in the Senate confirmation hearings of Obama administration appointments. Would conservatives prefer that individuals appointed by Obama were competent in advancing his agendas? What is lost is lost. The best that conservatives can hope for in these appointments is a boob, and we should be grateful to get one.

LA replies:


LA writes:

However, my main point, re Hagel’s Neanderthal-like intelligence, remains correct. Watch this 80 second selection of Hagel’s testimony yesterday, posted at NRO. Listen to the dragging quality of his voice. That is the telltale sign of a low IQ person. And look at the insensible expression on his face as he speaks.

February 2

John P.writes:

I think you’re being very unkind to Neanderthals.

LA replies:

Hmm, I’ll think about that. I’m always open to sincere criticism.

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