The son of Obama who stabbed a white woman with a baby twenty times in a Bed, Bath & Beyond

Matthew H. writes:

My first thought on seeing Tyrik’s mug was: son of Obama.

How’s that for a new epithet? “Why you dirty son of Obama!” or “Some son of Obama just cold-cocked me in the subway.”

Tyrik Haynes, after he stabbed Kerri Dalton 20 times,
“puncturing both her lungs in an apparent random attack.”

LA replies:

You know what I see in this photo? I see a young, sensitive man tortured by his racially ambivalent identity, who finally resolved the conflict by attempting to slaughter a white, blonde woman. Just as Obama, his spiritual father, resolved the same conflict by adopting a racialist black identity and attemping to dispossess and destroy white America.

The country was shocked out of its senses by the mass murder of twenty first graders in a suburban Connecticut school—how could twenty six-year-olds sitting innocently in their classroom be mowed down by a man wielding a semi-automatic weapon? Liberal opinion demanded the severe restriction on, and even the confiscation of, semi-automatic weapons, which would mean the confiscation of the great majority of the guns in America intended for self-defense.

Will the country be shocked out of its senses that a young white woman innocently carrying her baby in a Bed, Bad, & Beyond store was attacked and stabbed twenty times by a black man wielding a knife? Will liberal opinion even acknowledge the existence of the savage, gratuitous black-on-white assaults, motivated by nothing except the desire to hurt, humiliate, and disfigure whites, that are going on continually in this country? Will liberals lay the blame for this racial violence on our nation’s dominant anti-white ideology and culture which normalizes and at least implicitly justifies (when it does not ignore) such assaults? See my twenty-year-old article in American Renaissance, as relevant today as it was then, “Murder on the Long Island Railroad,” which is about how liberals turn a blind eye to the ceaseless message sent to blacks that whites are responsible for all their ills, a message that encourages blacks to kill whites.

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