A black man tortures, destroys his white wife

A 49-year-old white woman married a 39-year-old black con artist and career criminal she had met online, knowing nothing of his past. A year after their marriage, he subjected her to several days of inconceivable torture, including sexual torture, virtually destroying her as a human being. He is now in prison, raising money for a “anti-domestic violence” charity of his invention. A moral and civilized society, such as the West once arguably was but can no longer claim to be, would have removed such a monster from the earth. But we, in the name of morality, keep such monsters alive at public expense, also allowing them to carry on all sorts of interesting and fun activities including raising money for fraudulent charities.

The horrifying account, only part of which I’ve read, is published in the Orange County Weekly, a counter-cultural publication.

The first part of the excerpt which I’ve copied below does not involve violence. Before the violent part begins, I have posted a warning. You should take the warning seriously. The original article has a photograph of the victim. Consider yourself warned before looking at that as well.

… In March 2004, the future Mrs. Valerie Maryland, a well-educated and successful Orange County businesswoman with gorgeous eyes and an amiable smile, met 39-year-old Prince, a decade her junior, at an online, interracial dating website and had no clue of looming disaster. He portrayed himself as a well-connected movie producer on the verge of striking it rich with the likes of superstar Morgan Freeman. In fact, he had been unemployed, using a public bus for transportation, battling and losing a daily crack-cocaine habit, and living in government dormitory housing. She fell for his lies, allowed him to move into her modest, two-bedroom Lake Forest home, and agreed to marriage.

The initial stages of the relationship were, Valerie later told prosecutors, relatively enjoyable. They didn’t spend a day apart for the first six months. But sadly, love blinded her to loudly flapping red flags. According to government files obtained by the Weekly, Prince earned an average of just $2,270 in annual income for the 18 years before he met Valerie. In the first 10 months of their marriage, he drained $65,000 from her savings and ran up more than $106,000 in credit-card bills. She fell so far into his ruse that she paid the monthly rent for a prop he’d use over and over to bolster his empty credibility: a small office at Raleigh Studios.

The illusion of happiness collapsed on April 8, 2005, when Prince and Valerie ate beef tacos at their favorite local Mexican restaurant for a celebration of sorts: He’d concocted a story about an impending $5 million loan for a movie project sure to earn, he surmised, at least $70 million in box-office sales. To help keep the fantasy alive, he drove to Van Nuys to buy $500 worth of rock cocaine. Before the night ended, he also hired two female prostitutes and filmed the group’s wild, drug- and liquor-induced sexual escapades.

At some point after the hookers departed, Prince began a crime spree that left his wife a battered, bloody mess and guaranteed him a top-ranking spot in the annals of horrific California crimes. It started when he began to interrogate her about his suspicions that she’d been cheating. For hours, he beat her with his fists and a wire coat hanger while she insisted he was wrong. In hopes of stopping the attack, she eventually told him what he wanted to hear.


After the false admission given under duress, Prince got more agitated. He began searching through her cell phone and calling numbers attached to male names. He tied her up and punched her so many times that her pale Caucasian face and upper body complexion turned entirely black, purple, brown and red. The pummeling caused severe head swelling that is best described as pumpkin-like. An eardrum was permanently damaged. Muscles in her head were paralyzed.

Off and on for days, he raped and strangled her until she passed out. He fractured her larynx, forever altering her voice. He sliced her with a butcher’s knife. He whipped her with a wire coat hanger. Keeping a jar of KY jelly by the bed, he made her beg to be sodomized repeatedly and, after each encounter, immediately forced her to perform oral sex on him, a humiliating demand he mockingly celebrated as “ATM,” or “ass to mouth,” according to court records.

Trauma charts documented for jurors Valerie’s front (above) and backside (below) cuts, bruises and burn marks

Trauma charts documented for jurors Valerie’s front (above) and backside (below) cuts, bruises and burn marks

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Refusing to give Valerie access to water, Prince instead urinated in her mouth. He burned her body more than two dozen times, including her vaginal and anal areas. He repeatedly kicked her. He threatened to kill her and her family. He dragged her around by her hair, yanked out clumps with his fists and used scissors to cut off chunks. His beatings filled her eyes with blood. He shoved a hot crack-cocaine pipe into her vagina and singed her clitoris after saying he didn’t want another man to enjoy her.

Just after lunchtime on the fifth day of the attack, an unrecognizable Valerie emerged from unconsciousness. Prince had driven away in her SUV, and she didn’t know when he might return. Though she could barely open her mouth because of her injuries, she called 911 to beg Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) deputies to rescue her.

“I need an ambulance,” Valerie said. “You need to hurry. Oh, please, God, help me.”


- end of initial entry -

Robert B. writes:

I read the whole piece. Shocking to say the least—horrifically terrifying is probably a more accurate term.

But now I ask you, are you going to claim that this man—who could do such a thing, along with everything else we read in this story, has a soul? He was judged to be sane for criminal proceedings. He has no remorse and would obviously do it again if ever released. So, I ask you, does he have a soul? I, obviously, would deny that he does.

LA replies:

In any given instance, the metaphysical question of what is the status of the criminal’s soul does not matter and is a distraction. Indeed it could be worse than a distraction, since if we determined that he doesn’t have a soul, that could be translated into the idea that, like an insane person, he is not a responsible moral agent and therefore he should not be punished for what he did. So it’s best to stay with our ordinary concepts and simply affirm that he is responsible for his actions. Then the only question is, what does he deserve to happen to him, and what does society deserve should happen to him? And, in my view, the correct and moral answer is: he deserves death, and society deserves that he receive death so that it doesn’t have to deal with him any more.

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