Obama’s worst high crime yet against America

Other than my satirical fictional version of the just released Pentagon report that systematically ignores the jihadist statements and behavior of the Fort Hood mass murderer, I have not discussed the report itself. For the moment, I just want to say that it is the worst development so far in the U.S. government’s surrender to our Muslim enemies. Conservatives and Republicans should be declaring war against Obama over this. They should be calling for the impeachment of a President who is refusing to identify our enemy, and thus refusing to do his number one job of defending the United States.

As government prosecutor John Doar said to the House Judiciary Committee at the height of the battle over President Nixon in summer 1974, one of the grounds of impeachment of the President is conduct “grossly incompatible with the nature and function of the office.” When Muslims are waging war on the United States, and the Armed Forces, of which the President is the commander in chief, tell the nation that the threat comes from some generic “workplace violence” rather than from Islamic jihad, then we have a President and a military leadership who are covering up for, and thus siding with, our enemies. Which is behavior grossly incompatible with the nature and function of his office.

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James P. writes:

Remember what I said about the military doing something stupid in the wake of Fort Hood? I did not know about this when I wrote that:

Fort Riley, Kansas, has imposed a preposterous regulation that, among other things, (1) requires the registration, with Fort Riley, of its soldiers’ privately-owned firearms kept off-base, and those of the soldiers’ family members residing anywhere in Kansas, (2) prohibits soldiers who have firearm-carrying permits from carrying firearms for protection off-base, and (3) authorizes unit commanders to set arbitrary limits on the caliber of firearms and ammunition their troops may privately own.

Concurrently, following the multiple shooting on Fort Hood last year, allegedly committed with one or more firearms brought onto the base in violation of base regulations, the Department of Defense (DOD) began working on a regulation that, among other things, would require military commanders to require troops to register privately owned firearms kept off-base, and authorize such commanders to require troops living off-base to keep privately-owned firearms and ammunition locked in separate containers,

How this is supposed to prevent another Fort Hood is a mystery! Especially since it seems to focus on off-base behavior …

We can’t have soldiers protecting themselves with guns, now, can we?

Gintas writes:

What James P. describes is a textbook case of Anarcho-Tyranny.

Terry Morris writes:

So you’re saying that Obama has committed multiple high crimes, thus treasonous, thus impeachable offenses against the United States? I attended Senator Coburn’s town hall meeting in my area last Thursday, and one of his points to those who were complaining about Obama’s presidency was that “he hasn’t committed an impeachable offense.” And you know our federal politicians know better than we do what the constitution says and which crimes rise to the level of treason.

LA replies:

I did not write the entry with the expectation that Congressional Republicans would actually initiate an effort to impeach Obama for covering up the truth about our jihadist enemies. I wrote it to make the point (1) that his acts in this area should be seen as a totally unacceptable violation of his duties as president, and (2) that the country should rise up in outrage against him over it and never let him or his supporters forget it.

To call for a president’s impeachment over a certain malfeasance is the strongest way of saying that what he has done violates his oath of office. But presidents do lots of things that violate their oath of office, and no one dreams of impeaching them for them. In this case, my call for impeachment was rhetorical. I could have made that more clear.

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