The utter degeneracy of the neoconservatives—and of America

In June 2011, at the Commentary website, Max Boot commanded that Republicans simply shut up about our intervention in Libya. I commented:

Notice how Boot assumes that the only thing needed to justify America’s act of intervention in Libya is that Kaddafi be defeated/killed. As though the rightness of the act, the legality of the act, the constitutionality of the act, the question whether the act advances our interests or harms them … are all irrelevant. All that matters is that Kaddafi be deposed/killed.

In other words, all that is necessary to justify an act of power is that it succeed.

I have been saying for over a decade that the neoconservatives have stopped believing in anything except power. Boot’s comments make that clearer than ever. For all intents and purposes, the fascistic, anti-intellectual pop slogan, “Just Do It,” is now the slogan of the neoconservatives.

This is the mentality I was referring to when I wrote the other day that America, having abandoned its former ideal of a balance of order and freedom for the sake of unconstrained freedom, is now flexing its muscles on the world stage, as it did in Egypt and Libya, like “a bully on dope.”

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