Possessive man, after two week affair, does unspeakable thing to young woman

It’s in the Daily Mail. Prepare to be shocked and disturbed.

When I saw that the name of the attacker was Daniel Lynch, I assumed he was white, it just sounded like a traditional British name. I was surprised when I saw he was black.

Of course the article makes no reference to his race. None of these articles do. The only way you know the race is by the photos.

We discussed this type of incident at length in the highly recommended thread, “Why has the female sex lost its mind?” In liberal, liberated society, women get involved with men without marriage and too quickly, much too quickly, and when the relationship ends, the man can’t stand it and he kills or otherwise harms the woman.

Look what happened here: within two weeks of this “relationship” starting, she realized he was too possessive and she wanted to break up with him. But if there were things about him that were that disturbing that came out that quickly, then if she had waited and not gotten sexually involved, she would have gotten to know him without a sexual relationship, and seen that he was trouble. Then there wouldn’t have been the dynamic of him getting sexually attached to her and striking out to destroy her when she broke up with him.

And then after he raped and brutalized her, she didn’t cut all contact with him and tell the police, but instead she remained in contact with him, listened to his apologies, and followed his instruction to go to an internet cafe and on the way she was attacked.

What is there to say? Women have basic weaknesses built into their nature. Traditional society provides girls and women with an upbringing, a formation, that gives them the ability not to give into those weaknesses, for example, to fend off alluring but dangerous men. But in liberal society, they have no formation, no guidance, no upbringing, except for the liberal message to be open, to pursue your desires, and not to judge people. So liberal society exacerbates young women’s weakest and most vulnerable side and turns them into victims. Liberal society is a factory for the production of dead (or in this case disfigured) young white women.

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A. Zarkov writes:

I confess I could not finish the article. This attack on a young woman was so horrific that it cries out for his execution. But of course they won’t because the modern left-liberal state cannot and will not protect the public from the savages among us. If the state will not take the appropriate retribution then eventually we will see private retribution. Does this woman have a father? Or brothers. Will they do anything? Or will this just be an attack “gone wrong.”

LA replies:

The article says he was sentenced to life in prison but could be released in 16 years. A society that allows a creature who has done such a thing to live, and even potentially allows him to walk the streets again, is an evil, nihilistic society.

John Hagan writes:

This is the Morlock & Eloi story played out in the multicultural West.

October 20

Ferg writes:

As someone who has himself been severely burned (by fire, not acid) I have some idea of what this young woman is going through. I am unable to understand what kind of person intentionally does this sort of thing to someone else. They have to be missing a soul, is all I can think of. To do this do a beautiful young woman with whom you have a relationship is beyond savage, beyond cruelty. It shows a complete lack of any kind of empathy for your fellow humans. It is hard to even think of them as evil, rather they seem to have no real existence as human beings, no humanity, no essence. Their behavior is more like that of a cyborg. If these two men have souls at all they are too far gone from life to be visible.

The young woman’s behavior is typical of the modern mindset, a kind of secular fatalism, as though she has neither the right nor the ability to influence her own safety nor the events of her daily life. As though she too were an empty shell. All exterior, no essence.

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