The latest international gang-up on Israel

Here are comments readers have sent during the last day about the “peace flotilla,” a phrase that keeps reminding me of The Camp of the Saints, in which a huge flotilla of ships carrying a million starving Third-Worlders seeks to disembark its passengers in the South of France. If the French allow them to land, France will be destroyed. If they don’t allow them to land, they are racist, cruel, and inhuman. Ultimately they allow the refugees to come ashore, and France is destroyed.

A Finn writes:

Now when the inevitable accusations of liberal elites against Israel has begun, it can’t be said they are inconsistent. Foreign minister of EU, Catherine Ashton, demands Israel allows immediately and without conditions the free movement of support transports, commercial transports and free movement of people. That is of course the same international and borderless liberal policy used against the nations of Europe and USA.

Ben W. writes:

How many Americans will be exposed to the truth about the Gaza flotilla events as published by Melanie Phillips? Will the American media communicate the real story? Will the Obama administration issue a “moral equivalency” type statement decrying “violence” on both sides?

Ben W. writes:

This is weird. With Greece falling apart, protests against Israel in Athens?

In Athens, some 3,500 protesters rallied outside the Israeli embassy, chanting “Hands off Gaza” and “Free Palestine”. Several hundreds clashed with police, throwing chunks of marble, stones and bottles. Police fired teargas to disperse them.

Ben W. writes:

Wow, the following is quite an indictment of Israel.

Kilroy M. writes:

I’m sure you’ll post about this some time soon, so I thought I’d send you this link to a video showing that the activity of the Peaceful Activists of the Religion of Peace. I’m frankly surprised that the death toll was as low as it was. If I were the commander of that unit, I’d order shoot to kill unless they were lying on the ground face down with their hands behind their heads. The hypocrisy is that the paleocons will predictably go off on another “Israel is no better than Nazi Germany” rant while hoping that our own people’s governments could deal with the Third World invasion in similar fashion. I wish the nations of the West had the same attitude as Israel. That’s another reason why I support Israel.

Amelia writes:

The “peace flotilla” looks very much like a tactic that Saul Alinsky would have used—reminiscent of some of his favorite strategies described in “Rules for Radicals”—and the type of provocation we have come to expect of ACORN.

Ben W. writes:

Tonight, on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson said that Israel walked into a trap, handed to them on a silver platter. Agree. This was as clever a trap as could be set. There were no arms hidden, the supplies were “humanitarian” with media representatives from around the world onboard.

The commandos boarding the ships from helicopters was as dumb as it can get. Welcome to the nightmare.

This was a setup and Israel walked into a PR mess with eyes fully closed. Due to their stupid bravado.

It makes no difference who is right and who is wrong, or that there are ulterior motives to this flotilla supported by liberal idiots. The fact is that the Israeli idiots walked right into a PR nightmare\trap, exactly as planned by the Muslim world.

Exactly at the right time to abet Obama’s hedging about Netanyahu.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. call it what it is.

June 2

Ben W. writes:

Amelia is dead right about this being an Alinsky type tactic. Combined with the nuclear disarmament strategy mentioned by Glick, Israel faces a PR nightmare. Protesting one’s rightness doesn’t help a bit in this new world order.

Daniel S. writes:

Israel is now getting the Arizona treatment (or was it that Arizona got the Israel treatment?). Israel is, without doubt, held to a different standard than the rest of the world (with the possible exception of the U.S. and Western Europe). When other countries violently crackdown on dissent or police their borders no one can be bothered to care. Turkey, which is now attacking Israel for stopping the jihad flotilla from Gaza, has treated its Kurdish population far worse than anything the Palestinians can complain about, yet there has been little outcry. The notion that the “international community,” i.e. a gang of terrorist states and tin-pot dictatorship, is in any moral position to criticize Israel is absurd in the extreme. Of course, the response of the Obama administration cannot come as any sort of a surprise. This is the same administration that has been attacking an American state, Arizona, before the rest of the world simply for enforcing the law. Just as Obama thinks that illegal aliens from Mexico have the right to come to the U.S. whenever they want, so he and his friends in the Third World think that Turkish jihadists have the right to travel to Gaza to wage jihad against Israel. Apparently, for the latter issue, Obama and the jihadists are joined by Richard Spencer.

Mark P. writes:

On the Michael Savage show, I heard that the Israeli commandoes confronted the protestors with paintball guns and then they were attacked.

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