CNN tells the truth about Islam

CNN has broadcast a remarkable segment on American Muslim radicals who have expressed their support for the Fort Hood massacre. The correspondent, Drew Griffin, starts off by saying:

There are people out there actually applauding the actions of this shooter, celebrating this attack…. Their actions are in stark contrast to what maintream Muslims believe, but they are not hard to find. [Emphasis added.]

After some subsequent throat clearing, the good stuff gets going at about three minutes into the segment, with a U.S.-born Muslim convert in New York City telling Griffin:

Of course Muslims commit terrorism, that’s what the Koran tells us to do. We are commanded to terrorize the disbelievers. The Koran says very clearly, “terrorize them.” This is a command from Allah.

Whoa! That is the first time I have ever heard one of the war commands of the Koran being quoted in the mainstream media, and, moreover, quoted in a context that shows the direct connection between those sacred commands and the ensuing 1,400 years of jihad war and terrorism against non-Muslims. Griffin adds:

It is that jihadist version of Islam which allows [radical Muslims] to conclude that the killing of American soldiers overseas is justified, that the attack of 9/11 was also justified, that an attack on almost any American is justified.

And that’s not all. At the end of the segment, Griffin tells the anchorman, Don Lemon,—a young black man who occasionally stumbles over his words but does not seem PC—that given the First Amendment, as long as the Muslims don’t directly advocate criminal acts, all that the FBI can do is watch and observe them. To which Lemon replies:

It’s a right that’s guaranteed here, and that is sort of the problem.

Whoa! Whether that was what he intended to say or not, he got it. So long as the First Amendment’s prohibition on any infringement of religion and free speech applies to Islam, we are helpless before Islamic subversion. That is why Islam must be formally defined in U.S. law as not only a religion but a seditious political ideology, thus removing First Amendment protections from it and allowing us to start defending ourselves from it.

However, based on the staggeringly dhimmi response of the American political and media establishment to the jihadist massacre at Fort Hood, it’s hard to imagine America taking such rational and necessary measures to protect itself from Islam until an American city has been obliterated. And even then—even then—many leaders of our society will continue to say that the city was obliterated because of our intolerance of Islam, because of our failure truly to embrace our diversity.

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