Elizabeth Wright, Rest in Peace

Elizabeth Wright, the startlingly tough-minded black conservative who wrote realistically about her fellow blacks, and also about the racial undoing of white America which she vigorously urged whites to stand up and oppose (no one was tougher on weak white men than she), has passed away. Jared Taylor has an interesting article at American Renaissance in which he tells of his fascination with her and his efforts over the years (repeatedly rebuffed by Miss Wright) to learn more about her personally and about how she, a black person, came to have the views she had.

Here is Miss Wright’s blog, Issues and Views. In her last blog entry, dated June 20, she announced that she was entering a hospice. We can only hope that she made arrangements for her blog and other writings to be maintained online after her passing.

Miss Wright also commented a number of times at VFR, especially during the 2008 presidential campaign.

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Laura Wood writes:

I am saddened by the death of Elizabeth Wright. Though I did not know her, she impressed me in my brief correspondences with her and I looked forward to getting to know her better. She wrote well and was one of a very small number of people who understood the emasculating effects of liberalism. She will be missed.

Paul K. writes:

I believe Elizabeth Wright was a regular guest on WOR’s “Bob Grant Show.” I recall hearing her speak on several occasions.

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