What are the Wisconsin Republicans waiting for?

Sage McLaughlin writes:

Doesn’t it seem as though the Republicans in Wisconsin could bring the Democrats flying back to the state simply by bringing measures to the floor that are utterly intolerable to the Democrats and go much further in undermining their power—like, say, re-districting proposals or chamber rules changes—but do not require a quorum? I know they have talked about doing this, but really, how long could it possibly take to develop such a bill? It would be easy enough to bring a plain language bill to the floor barring public employee unions from donating to statewide electoral campaigns (which seems like a common sense conflict-of-interest rule anyway, since such contributions are obviously corrupt by their very nature). Or if this isn’t practical for whatever reason, there are a million other measures that would hit the Democrats ten times harder than the bill currently under consideration, and have no real fiscal component, and therefore don’t require a quorum. I’m baffled that the Democrats can simply hide out in another state and the Republicans can’t bring one single bill to the floor that would bring them screaming back and begging to be let back into the State House.

There has been some talk from them in this direction, but really, what’s the hold-up? I can think of twenty such bills off the top of my head.

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Jonathan W. writes:

I have been wondering the same thing. Wisconsin is one of the few states in the country to have no provision for legal concealed carry. Such a bill would surely send the liberals into a tailspin.

Steve R. writes:

They perfectly fit Frost’s definition of a liberal—too broadminded to take their own side in a fight.

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