Tancredo rocks!

Rep. Tom Tancredo not only refuses to back off his suggestion that in the event of a terrorist nuclear attack on American cities we should consider destroying Mecca, he re-affirms it. And he does so in a skillful way. He doesn’t come out and bluster, “We will destroy you” (he is, after all, only a Congressman and has no power to make such threats), but he says we should not take any options off the table. And that is enough to make his point. In a further display of both political adeptness and an all-too-rare comprehension of Islamic reality, Tancredo implies that since “moderate” Muslims (the scare quotes are his) rationalize terrorism, everyone in the Muslim world would in effect be morally responsible for a jihadist nuclear attack on America, and therefore the retaliatory destruction of Muslim cities would be justified. Tancredo’s conduct of this issue has been correct, admirable, and inspiring.

Another welcome angle here is that, unlike all too many immigration restrictionists on the paleocon and Buchananite right, Tancredo acknowledges both the threat of immigration and the threat of Islam.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 27, 2005 01:27 AM | Send

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