Threatened cartoonist did not take granddaughter into safe room

Kurt Westergaard is interviewed by the BBC. We learn that he did not bring his five year old granddaughter, who had a plaster cast on her leg, with him into the safe room (or, as the Europeans call it, the “panic room”) when an axe wielding Somali Muslim broke into his home, but left her outside the room with the Muslim attacker. Fortunately, the Muslim did not harm the child, even as he kept trying to smash open the door of the safe room with his axe to murder Westergaard. Westergaard has been called a coward for this, but, as he explains to the BBC reporter, had he remained outside the safe room to be with the child, the attacker would simply have slaughtered him before her eyes, which wouldn’t have done anyone any good. It was Westergaard the jihadist wanted to kill, not his grandchild.

Meanwhile, Westergaard, the BBC, and the entire Western world take it for granted that he must live for the rest of his life under security. It doesn’t occur to them for even a hundredth of a second that a Muslim community which presents such threats to the Danish people and Danish liberties should not be in Denmark. It doesn’t occur to them that whether individual Muslims are soldiers of Islam, like the Somali who attempted to slaughter Westergaard, or civilians of Islam, who don’t use violence but share the same beliefs as the soldiers, they are all part of Islam, they are all part of a religion commanded by its god to wage eternal war on us until we are subdued, and therefore they should not be among us. What horrors must occur, what irreversible damage must our civilization endure, before we grasp this no-brainer?

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A. Zarkov writes:

If Kurt Westergaard had been armed he could have killed his Muslim attacker as he broke through the door of his house. A shotgun loaded buckshot would have torn the Muslim to shreds at close range. A shotgun would provide Westergaard with the best defensive weapon for a person in his situation I can think of. The book by Tony Lesce called The Shotgun in Combat, provides the reader with experimental results as to just how deadly and powerful the shotgun is, and makes recommendations on how to use the shotgun for home defense. One can even purchase semi-automatic shotguns such as the Benelli M4—a truly fearsome weapon.

Why was Westergaard not armed? I can only speculate. Perhaps he would refuse defensive weapons thinking he’s not capable of handing them, or as a “man of peace,” he could not bear to use lethal force to protect either himself or his grandchild. Perhaps the authorities will make no exceptions, and won’t allow him to have any kind of firearm. The ruling elites in Denmark, like the rest of Europe, fear the Muslims, and think if they remain non-provocative in every way they will get left alone. Note that the question of Westergaard’s using self-defense never seems to come up. It’s obviously a taboo subject.

LA replies:

Westergaard is a liberal; also he is 75 years old. I’m sure the very idea of owning a weapon is alien to him.

And what can we possibly expect of people who call a safe room a “panic room”?

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