The left’s insane unappeasable greed

A reader tells me that Steve Sailer in a post yesterday quotes one of the versions (there are many of them) of Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society, and in a second post he quotes the Corollary to the First Law. Cool.

The New York Times story in which Sailer finds the First Law in operation is unbelievable. After the economic catastrophe caused in large part by the government’s pushing banks to give mortgages to blacks (and Hispanics) who were incapable of making the payments, all for the sake of achieving racial equality in home ownership, you’d think the liberals would give it a rest for a few years—like maybe until the country had recovered from the calamity the liberal demand for racial equality in home ownership had helped bring about in the first place. (And of course “liberal” here includes Georgie W. Porgie.) But nope. Obama’s Justice Department is now accusing banks of racial discrimination in mortgage lending.

In other words, now that the mad policy of discriminating in favor of blacks that sparked the disaster has ended, which in turn has resulted in a decline in the black rate of home ownership and other loans to levels that match blacks’ actual ability to pay off loans, the Justice Department is charging that the banks are discriminating AGAINST blacks. The liberals thus want the banks to recommence the very policies that shattered the country’s financial system, even while the country is still roiling in the aftermath of that event.

To account for such madness, may I suggest that Steve Sailer check out VFR’s recent discussions on the gnostic rebellion against reality (here, here, and here). The status theory of liberalism, based on egocentric desire and competition, cannot explain such a world-destroying sickness; we have to go deeper.

Alternatively, perhaps the best explanation is one from the early ’90s: liberalism is like the liquid-metal assassin in Terminator 2.

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