Latest thoughts on Palin and McCain

New York feminists speak frankly about their shockingly intense reactions of anger, hatred, and fear against Sarah Palin.

As for me, my latest reaction is that I’m starting to find her both boring and cloying. The novelty has worn off. I watched some of her interview with Sean Hannity last night and she struck me as this chatty, pretty woman, who has been thrust into this position too abruptly and too soon. That’s my personal reaction, which I hope I can express without offending anyone.

On matters of substance, the combination of her intensely gung-ho personality with the Bush-McCain-neocon foreign policy is truly alarming, as when, sounding as though the words had been placed in her mouth by advisors (we can imagine that she’s already had sessions with William Kristol), she spoke about the need to spread “democratic values.” A McCain-Palin administration will be a more aggressive, less thoughtful version of the Bush administration. Anyone who thinks that Palin represents tradititional conservatism is deluded. She will be a spokeswoman for Bushism-McCainism. Whatever virtues, abilities, and special qualities she has, including her “real American woman” aspect and her attractiveness, will be used to promote useless and debilitating interventions abroad and open borders at home.

My view remains that McCain will ruin conservatism. At the same time, though I am not persuaded that they are right, I respect, and will not argue against, those who are convinced that Obama will ruin America, and therefore that McCain must be elected no matter how terrible he is. But if we must elect McCain, let’s at least be honest about what we’ll be getting, shall we?

As for those who believe that McCain will be positively good for America, that is a position I not only disagree with, but will oppose.

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