Grocery shopping in a liberal democracy with 35 million blacks

From the local Fox affiliate in Philadelphia:

“Captured on Tape: Man Beaten By Group of People While Shopping”

What the headline does not say, and what the “reporter” does not say, is that the four assailants are black, and the victim is white.

The anchorman concludes the segment by saying, “Shoppers at the Pathmark say they have to be more careful.” Then a man with a south Asian accent says, “You have to look out for these kinds of things.” A white woman says: “I would look around a little bit more, watch myself.”

Excuse me, but look around for WHAT? Liberal America will tell you that you need to look around more and to be more careful, but it won’t tell you that WHAT you need to be more careful of is BLACKS.

How would “looking around more” have helped the victim? He was shopping in the frozen food section of a Pathmark and the four hulking black males came up and surrounded him.

“Look around a little bit more” is too vague to be a John Derbyshire-type rule on how to protect yourself from black violence. But it’s the closest thing to a Derbyshire-type rule that liberal America will allow.

But the bigger problem here is, even if Derbyshire-type rules were allowed, what Derbyshire-type rule could have helped the victim in this case? What could he have done differently, other than not go grocery shopping, or other than not reside in the city that a former in-law of mine (who was raised there) used to refer to as Filthadelphia?

James P. writes:

The Philly Inquirer version of the story describes the attackers not as four hulking black men, but as Hispanics, one of them being a woman, and two of the men being on the short side (5’ 6” and 5’ 8”). One must certainly “look around and be careful” of Hispanics as well as blacks, of course.

Also, see this other charming tidbit from Filthadelphia.

Terry Morris writes:

It’s funny you mention this. While the presence of feral blacks isn’t especially a problem in grocery stores in my neck of the woods, we avoid, like the plague, grocery shopping on four specific days during the month—the first, third, fifth and tenth—while more generally we try to avoid grocery shopping altogether until after the fifteenth.

This is because in Oklahoma so many people are now on food stamps that the State found it necessary about a year ago to divide the allotment of them up over three days during the first part of the month—the first, fifth and tenth. The other day is Social Security/Disability day. The reason we avoid shopping on those days is, of course, because we wish to avoid the human trash who generally receive food stamp assistance (called “Access” in Okla.). In my area these people are overwhelmingly white, though I sometimes think they must wish they were black, given their bad, overbearing attitudes, the unruly nature of their children, and so on and so forth.

Occasionally I’ll slip up, forgetting what time of the month it is. And everytime I do, I swear upon the altar of common sense that it will never happen again. These are always unpleasant experiences for me.

Laine A. writes:

It seems that blacks have decided to cut out the middle man, i.e. government, and help themselves to merchandise without the bother of food stamps or welfare checks. [LA replies: That’s a funny way of putting it!] If the store owner happens to be Asian, send in the PC police to adjudicate between two non-white minorities since the actual police cannot handle a mob of black thieves. When this store owner closes shop for being put in a non-profit and dangerous situation, how long before liberals bemoan the lack of convenience stores in black areas ascribing it to “racism” instead of thuggism?

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