As America ceases to be a European country, it will detach from Britain and Europe

As a result of America’s becoming a nonwhite country via non-European immigration, writes Ed Wood in the Telegraph, America’s identification with Britain and Europe will decline, a phenomenon already seen in the anti-Britishness of the half-black Obama. Wood concludes:

Let’s hope Britain, and Europe, never needs rescuing, once again, from an aggressive totalitarian ideology.

To his credit, Wood puts the problem in terms of the loss of a shared racial descent as well as of a common culture.

However, I say that the process of de-Europeanization is not inevitable. If the still existing white majority began to resist it, which they have never done, if we began to say out loud that we are a white majority country and intend to remain so, if we overturned our current immigration policies along with our anti-discrimination policies and our nonwhite preference policies and our multicultural policies, the de-Europeanization of America could be stopped and even reversed. We were not forced onto the path to national suicide by some historical necessity; nor did we embark on it by chance. We did it as a result of believing and doing certain things. Therefore, as impossible as it may sound, it is within our power to reverse the process of national suicide, by thinking the opposite and doing the opposite of everything we have been thinking and doing for the last fifty years.

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