How a contributor at the “conservative” NRO understands the Meredith Kercher murder case

Sage McLaughin writes:

You’ve discussed at some length the bizarre refusal of many persons writing about the Knox-Sollecito case even to acknowledge the existence of the actual killer. I haven’t followed the case or the commentary on it very closely. But I stumbled across this pathetic characterization of the case by Nathan Harden at NRO:

It was a sad tale. Some smart kids ran a bit wild overseas, trying to have a good time, maybe a little too much of a good time. They made some questionable moral decisions, allegedly got involved in drugs and heavy drinking. Then tragedy struck.

Then tragedy struck?

And get a load of the life lesson he takes away from the whole “sad tale”:

[L]ife is short, and carefree youth can be cut off without warning. Better take care to live responsibly, to live well and fully, while the days are still ours.

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