Hawaii legislators want to make available, for money, Obama’s birth certifi …

Wow, the liberals really think we’re stupid. ABC reports:

Five Hawaii Democratic state legislators have introduced a bill that would allow anyone seeking an original, certified copy of Barack Obama’s birth record to obtain one—for $110.

The measure, introduced in the state legislature last week, would change a state law that currently limits the release of vital documents to persons with a “direct and tangible interest,” such as family members.

Sounds like a major breakthrough, doesn’t it? But wait. The document which under this proposed law the state of Hawaii will make copies of and release to individuals for $110 is not Obama’s birth certificate (a.k.a. the hospital-generated long form birth certificate), but rather the certification of live birth which the Obama campaign posted in 2008. As I wrote recently:

A certification of live birth is a secondary document that is created at some time after a person’s birth, referring to the underlying official document, which is known variously as the certificate of live birth, or the long form birth certificate, or, simply, the birth certificate.

So these legislators merely want to release the same inadequate, non-original document that the Obama campaign posted in 2008.

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N. writes:

… a copy of the Certification of Live Birth of Barry Obama.

Gee, whiz, shouldn’t they throw in a couple of tourist brochures, a little bobble-head hula dancer in a plastic grass skirt, a picture postcard or two and some coupons good for free Mai-Tais? I mean to say, it’s all very well for a Legislature to decide to sell souvenirs but at least they should offer _something_ of value for the money.

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