Mass murder in the French Alps

A Muslim family from Britain were murdered in their car while vacationing in the Alps. The father, mother, and grandmother of seven year old Zainab Al-Hilli were all fatally shot. The girl, Zainab, was bludgeoned and found lying on the ground in front of the car. Her four year old sister Zeena lay for eight hours under her mother’s corpse before French “investigators” discovered her. (The long delay in discovering her was a result of the same bureaucratic self-importance and paralysis of French police and first responders that resulted in the death of Princess Diana; following procedure to the letter, they didn’t want to do anything to disturb the crime scene, so these Clouseaus didn’t open the car door and look inside for eight hours.) A French bicyclist who came on the scene, Sylvain Mollier, was also murdered, shot seven times.

The Daily Beast says:

Reports of a family feud over inheritance and the presence of a suspicious character at the campground where the family stayed for the first few nights have fueled rumors that the killing was a contract hit.

Translation: the family was most likely murdered by other Muslims, followers of a religion of tribal vengeance, founded by a man who had his critics assassinated.

These are the people that have been allowed and invited to mass-immigrate into the West.

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