Odd, unexplained facts in the Strauss-Kahn case

Jim C. writes:

A must-read—it looks like DSK was set up.

LA replies:

I read that article earlier this morning. The author, Edward Jay Epstein, dryly recites all these odd facts (the mysterious person in the other suite, DSK’s missing and disabled BlackBerry, the two hotel security guys doing a victory dance for three minutes), but doesn’t do anything to draw them together or make sense of them. If Epstein is charging that the whole thing was a set-up by DSK’s political opponents to destroy his political career, he ought to say so and be prepared to defend his position, instead of just slying hinting at it, which costs him nothing.

A conspiracy by his political opponents is ridiculous and impossible, as it would have required that DSK, on his way to lunch with his daughter, stop and have a sexual encounter with the black maid. But I suppose conspiracy theorists could argue that DSK had such a reputation as a hound dog that the conspirators knew that if he saw the maid in his room, he would automatically go after her.

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