A triumphal prediction that “unmanly” Obama will quit the presidency

At a conservative site in Chicago called HillBuzz, Kevin DuJan luxuriates in the delightful prospects offered by Obama’s supposedly irreversible failure as president. Not only is he a failure, but he is not man enough to handle his failure. He will “screw over the Democrat [sic] Party in the 2012 election and unceremoniously decide he won’t seek re-election if he accepts the fact he will not win the race.”

Obama reminds me of the husband of one of my friends who just skipped out in the middle of the night, out of the blue, when he realized he hated being married, wasn’t man enough to handle fatherhood, and wasn’t capable of doing the hundred unpleasant and difficult things every day required to head a family. He left a wife and three kids behind, with little income and no idea how to keep things together, and headed off for warmer climates and better chances for adventure.

This is exactly what Obama is going to do to the Democrat [sic] Party—and America—next year, when he declines re-election and instead focuses on building his Frank Gehry-designed “Obama Presidential Library and Museum to His Own Self-Proclaimed Greatness” on the tiki-tacky shores of Hawaii.

Hillary Clinton, DuJan continues, will not try to succeed him, because she knows the Democratic cause is lost for now.

We are very much in a situation where a strong, capable, and resourceful woman is going to have to clean up the mess left by a self-centered and spoiled man-child once he’s skipped town and shirked all his responsibilities.

That woman, however, will not be Hillary Clinton saving Democrats … but Governor Sarah Palin stepping into the presidential race to save the country.

Hmm, now what little fact has DuJan forgotten? Oh, yes! It was Palin herself who actually did skip out on her job and responsibilities which she couldn’t handle for the sake of a narcissistic pursuit of wealth, fame, and the adoring attention of her acolytes. Yet DuJan, who we don’t find out until the last sentence of the article is a Palin supporter, falsely attributes to Obama the cowardly act of quitting the fight that Palin herself actually committed. Furthermore, DuJan sees Palin, who lacked the toughness to see her governorship through its difficulties, as the one person in the country tough enough to see America though its much vaster difficulties.

Those are the Palinites for you—lacking all reflection on their leader, just as she lacks all reflection on herself.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 22, 2011 08:37 AM | Send

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