Black mob chase and beat white in Minnesota park

MG writes:

I have a personal anecdote related to your post about the racial wilding in Michigan.

About a month ago I saw a mob of 50 to 60 blacks chase down and beat a white youth at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, MN. A white man, possibly the boy’s father, heroically faced down the mob alone, saving him from serious injury or possibly death. I’ve seen no mention of the incident in any media since then, although I admit I haven’t been looking particularly hard.

My girlfriend and I, along with her female friend and several dozen other bystanders of all races, watched the surreal and frightening scene from within the park’s semi-enclosed snack bar area, called the “Sea Salt” restaurant. The atmosphere was tense—it was obvious the boy and the man were in serious danger, but nobody dared do anything to help, rather we hoped the feeble psychological barrier of the snack bar would keep the mob from coming in after us. The racial aspect was plain as day, but of course none of the whites (including myself) commented on it; a young black woman among the bystanders did say, “They need to take that shit back to Africa!” This elicited a few nervous chuckles.

When I’ve recounted the incident to friends and family, my girlfriend has done her level best to justify and minimize it. The boy did or said something to bring it on himself, she’ll say, even though none of us in the snack bar saw the start of the incident. When I describe the boy as about 14 years old (he appeared that age to me), she says, “No, no, no. He looked 18 or 19,” in a dismissive tone, as if that makes it all right. Even Charles Atlas wouldn’t stand a chance against an angry mob! At the time, she was quite scared, but she won’t admit it now for fear of seeming racist.

I feel a little ashamed of my cowardice—it worked out alright, but if things had gone differently, it’s entirely possible I would have stood there and watched as a boy and his father were beaten to death. On the other hand, my first obligation was to myself, my girlfriend, and her friend; we all made it home without a scratch when the mob moved on.

LA replies:

You talk about your reactions and those of others in the group watching the incident, but you don’t actually say what the mob did. You don’t say how the incident ended. Can you describe step by step what you saw?

MG replies:

I’m happy to share what I saw.

I’ve forgotten the exact date of the incident, but I’m sure the time was just after 8 PM, as Sea Salt had just closed. I’m fairly sure now that the mob was made up of Somalis; my girlfriend is positive of this and I do remember there were a lot of Somali women around the park that day. The mob was entirely male though, and they were dressed in Western style clothing so it didn’t occur to me at the time that they might have been Somali.

As for what happened, I saw a mass of black people running in one direction. I’d never seen a mob before, as opposed to a crowd, and what struck me was how they moved in concert, starting and stopping together like a school of fish or a flock of birds. I then saw they were chasing a white youth; the mob caught up to him about 20 to 30 yards in front of the Sea Salt restaurant on a grassy area and started punching him as he shielded his head with his arms. At this point an older white man confronted the mob, shouting and gesticulating. I was behind the glass doors of the restaurant so I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but his body language was agitated. The people stopped hitting the boy, and the boy and the older man got out of there. I think they headed for the parking lot, but all I remember for certain is that they didn’t go into the restaurant.

From what I saw, the boy was not seriously injured. He was never on the ground, and after the attack he looked alert and was able to walk away quickly under his own power. A minute or two later the mob wasn’t on the field anymore; I don’t know if they’d dispersed or just gone somewhere else, but I took the opportunity to go to my car and get out of there. After driving a few blocks, I saw three squad cars with lights flashing but no sirens going toward the park.

I realize I have no evidence at all that this took place. I posted this same information at Dennis Mangan’s blog and got into an argument in the comments section with a poster. He claimed he worked at Minnehaha Falls and therefore knew for a fact I had invented the whole inflammatory story; I must admit he got the better of me. He claimed to have searched for a police report on the incident and found nothing. I work a night shift, and I’m not about to spend my scarce free time searching police reports at City Hall to score points in an internet argument, nor am I going to spend my hard-earned money to have a city employee do it, so I concede I do not meet any burden of proof. Besides, as I saw nobody seriously injured, there might not be a report. I did search the local papers available online and found no mention of the incident.

I have no proof; all I can say is I know I saw a mob run down a youth in Minnehaha Falls Park this summer, and I will never go there again. I have no doubt though, that if the mob had been white and its victim black, I would have no credibility problems, as the story would have been national news.

- end of initial entry -

Bill Carpenter writes:

I have two comments to MG. First, their behavior is understandable, but all the people that stood by and did nothing while this incident occurred neglected their duty as members of the civilized portion of society to suppress the savages in their midst. MG and other bystanders could avail themselves of Minnesota’s currently liberal “concealed carry” laws to arm themselves and take up their responsibility to defend themselves and others. The incident raises the question as to what would have happened if more of those involved had had firearms; indeed, the outcome of this particular incident could have been worse. However, the outcome could also have been worse if the assailants had not let their victim go, or if they, and not the bystanders, had been armed. The duty to defend brings with it the duty to make difficult judgments.

Second, eyewitness testimony is the best proof there is and the best evidence. It is subject to cross-examination, but it is only inadmissible if the witness is incompetent, which MG obviously is not. Documentary reports can be fabricated or altered. Eyewitness testimony can correct an inadequate documentary record. This is to say it is just not true that MG has no proof or evidence that this incident happened.

Karl D. writes:

This story does not surprise me in the least. In a story I related to this site before, I was jumped by a black mob in high school. The incident took place right in front of a crowded diner, with many patrons watching as I got stomped on. After it was all over, not one person from that diner helped, nor did anyone call the police.

This was broad daylight on a busy corner in the Upper East Side of NYC in the early 1980s. I can understand an individual not wanting to get involved with an angry black mob. But not even a phone call to the police? There was a precinct a scant four blocks away. I would say that these Somalis merely brought their custom of mob rule with them but this seems to be a common M.O. with unruly blacks in general. And as we are witnessing now, it seems that young whites in the UK have jumped on the five against one bandwagon. I blame most of that on “hip-hop culture,” just like the white kids here in the US who aspire to be black thugs. But that is a whole other topic.

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