Our mysterious universe

A headline in today’s New York Times:

Police still puzzled as to motive

That’s a joke, but not by much.

Mike Berman writes:

Liberals go through life pondering mysteries which never seem to get resolved for them no matter how much time and effort they devote in search of answers. They know they’re smarter than everyone else, so why is it that answers have not been forthcoming? It must be, for them, like the cure for cancer. We’re working on it and if we just keep trying, we’ll find out why there is a racial gap in standardized test scores and why good Muslims go bad.

Those thoughts were set off by this headline:

NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery

At the same time as Mike Berman’s e-mail, came this from Richard W.:

In another mainstream media moment that left me screaming at the radio it was reported on my local AM news that investigators are still puzzled and looking for a motive for Shahzad’s failed bombing attempt in Times Square.

Could anything be more obvious? He has admitted attending terrorist training camps in Pakistan and being in contact with the Taliban. What more do they want? Of course it is all part of a studied denial of the obvious. It is just too painful to the liberal mind to admit that a sizable portion of Islam is at war with the West, merely for who we are.

Strange though that they have no similar problems ascribing motives to other groups. For instance the motives of the Hutaree Militia were quickly discovered and reported on. The SPLC, the go-to authority on the right for America’s press, helped frame the story: “The arrests again show the growing danger from America’s radical right, where a pervasive rage against the government has become red hot.” Yahoo chimes in: “The Hutaree believe that acts of violence can bring about the final judgment prophesied in the Christian Bible—and therefore have been arming themselves to go to war with the Antichrist, “evil Jews,” and Muslims.

It speaks volumes about the bias of the press that they can almost instantly provide insights into the motivations of a tiny fringe group, numbering perhaps one dozen members, in the Michigan farm country, yet are unable to discern the motivations of a worldwide movement numbering in the millions that has been continuously attacking our country and the West for a generation.

Huff Post: Faisal Shahzad’s Motive Remains A Mystery

CBS News: Faisal Shahzad’s Motive Shrouded in Mystery—CBS News

WJZ.com Authorities Search For Motive In Faisal Shahzad Times Square Car …

- end of initial entry -

Kathlene M. writes:

These headlines at Yahoo confirm what your readers are saying:

“NYC bomb suspect’s life unraveled quickly Not long ago, Faisal Shahzad was living the American dream: Family, new home, master’s degree. Downward spiral”

* Motive still a mystery * From elite Pakistani family”

A quick perusal of the “downward spiral” story reveals the unfolding liberal narrative: Shahzad “lost his home to foreclosure and moved into an apartment in an impoverished neighborhood in Bridgeport.” That’s it! The loss of the American Dream made him do it (which probably had to do something with evil greedy white conservative Americans). Oh yeah, and Shahzad “mentioned that he didn’t like Bush policies in Iraq.” It was Bush’s fault too! Otherwise the motive remains mysterious and has nothing to do with Islam.

The liberal media cannot be this clueless and “intelligent.” They are deliberately lying to the American people.

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