Protest over lack of diversity in the Special Forces—but it’s not a lack of racial diversity that’s being complained about

On May 7 I wrote:

Immediately after the killing of Osama bin Laden, this unhappy thought came to me: I thought that Obama would want to meet the SEALs team that had carried out the mission, and that when he met them he would be scandalized by the lack of blacks among them, and that this would set off the re-making of the SEALs to achieve diversity.

Since I wrote those words, my nightmare prediction of a demand for racial equality of membership in one of the most physically (and mentally) demanding fields in the world has been far, far surpassed—by the feminists. Laura Wood writes:

IN AN EXCELLENT piece at City Journal, Heather Mac Donald comments on two recent items in the news: feminist outrage over the all-male special-operations combat forces and a federal civil rights complaint by female students at Yale who claim they have been denied an equal education by raunchy campus jokes.

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