VMI hosting pro Islam event

Conrad writes:

Here is an item I believe all traditionalists need to see, especially with regards to the recent comment on the total enemy control of the United States government.

Virginia Military Institute, citadel of the American military tradition, is hosting a conference, “East meets West 711-2011,” in honor of the Muslim invasion of Spain, which they refer only to as a “crossing over into Europe” and a “fusion of two worlds,” celebrating Islam. The event aims to create “tolerance and progress” against “divisions here and abroad.” The keynote speakers are two Islamic scholars employed by American universities.

A video for the event which celebrates “mutual enlightenment,” inviting “scholars, policy makers, government officials, professionals from business, military, and media” is here.

Without a doubt, our newfound democratic friends in Egypt will reciprocate with a “West meets East 1095-2012,” with American Christian scholars explaining to Muslim audiences the great cross-cultural growth that the Crusades and European imperialism brought to the Middle East.

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Jewell writes:

We will be destroyed by our wishful thinking and our fantasies. No. Let me rephrase. We will be destroyed by being forced to say the fantasies of the wishful thinkers currently in power are truth.

Sophia A. writes:

I suggest that VFR readers write a clear, polite, cogent (and hard though it may be, expletive-free) email to Kathleen Bulger-Barnett, whose email can be found at the bottom of the VMI page on the conference.

My email won’t be a scholarly tome, but it will contain a few historical examples that undercut the idea of Moslem civility and tolerance, such as this.

The website shows that the conference will be utter tripe. I won’t say that in my email, however. I’ll keep it civil.

Why not send the idea around to other bloggers? This is an outrage. It will go on, but it shouldn’t go on without dissent being registered.

Thomas Bertonneau writes:

With respect to the item on the upcoming VMI conference, Dario Fernanderz-Morera’s essay of a few years ago on “The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise” is relevant.

James R. writes:

Two things come to mind: (1) if this sort of rubbish has reached deep into a supposedly conservative institution (most people would thoughtlessly think it such), how deep the rot is; and (2) it isn’t “them” (Muslims) doing it to “us,” they’re only taking what we give. It is, in fact, progressive liberalism that is full of deceit (while claiming the mantle of truth and reason), falsifying history in this contemptably degenerate way.

LA writes:

I’m glad the VMI story has brought out a certain passion on the part of readers. Sometimes, posting about so many events of this kind, I get inured to them. The comments that have come in woke me up to how terrible this event is.

February 6

James P. writes:

In my opinion, VMI is not a “conservative” institution. They surrendered to liberalism a long time ago, just like the service academies. The faculty members have military backgrounds, but got their doctorates from civilian universities, where they were force-fed liberal nonsense, and most of them are unable to break free of the conditioning. Of course, they are all aware of the idiocies emanating from the top of the command structure, but the tragic reality is that the lower-level officers are not merely remaining silent for cowardly careerist reasons. Unfortunately, many of them actually accept liberal premises about Islam, and even in private they will not admit that our policies are insane and self-destructive. At most they will assert that the basic strategy is correct (we must build a viable modern state in Afghanistan!) but the execution is faulty (we need more outreach programs and courageous displays of restraint in the face of Muslim aggression!).

In short, we should not look to the military to save us because they are in large measure infected with the same disease as the rest of society.

February 6

Brett A. writes:

Regarding “VMI hosting pro Islam event” I noticed the contact for that event is listed as Major Amy DeHart. The reason VMI has a female Major is likely due to the supreme court ruling in 1996 against VMI’s male only policy. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is when the rot started at VMI.

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