The uniqueness of Romney

Romney is an empty suit. Of course there’s nothing unusual about that. Modern society is filled to the brim with empty suits. However, without question, Romney is the highest-IQ empty suit that ever was.

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Ben M. writes:

Re “The uniqueness of Romney”: Isn’t that giving him too much substance?

JC in Houston writes:

You’re right. The more I see Romney in action, or more accurately inaction, the more I believe that he will lose this election to Obama. Obama declares a unilateral amnesty and Romney gives a mush mouth response, when to take on illegal and legal immigration in a time of high unemployment could have been a winning issue. On Obamacare, some quibbling on whether it’s a tax or a penalty and a promise to repeal. Obama spreading his lies and no response. I’ve heard several people on the radio likening his strategy to a football “prevent” defense, playing not to lose, instead of to win. Just watching him talk communicates the fact that he is indeed an empty suit, no principles, no core convictions. Why not come out against illegal immigration, gay marriage, those could rally traditional whites! As I saw a comment on another web site, Obama has given up on the white working class and is now doubling down on rallying his base, the blacks, Hispanics, gays. All the while Romney tries to distance himself from the grass roots Republican Tea Partiers who he needs to turn out in November. He speaks ONLY of the economy, as if we were not a nation, a people, with a history and principles and traditions, but just economic units. It’s depressing. Oh, well … gonna pour me a glass of Johnny Walker. One can only obsess about the world so much!

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