Reports of murderous attacks on opponents of Muslim Brotherhood, including crucifixions

Karl D. writes:

According to this article in the Daily Mail, the Muslim Brotherhood is crucifying opponents to trees. <
LA replies:

I would have been doubtful of the truth of this, except that Raymond Ibrahim, who is solid, is reporting it at Jihad Watch.

It’s a complicated picture. All his information comes from Arabic websites in Egypt. One does not want to accept reports that appear only on websites as established. Except that if there really were crucifixions of Muslim Brotherhood opponents going on in Egypt, where else would it be reported except on websites? Also there’s so much there, so many different attacks, that it can’t be all made up. He speaks of a lot of violence, including homicidal violence, and also including “crucifixions” on trees (meaning, presumably, nailing a person by his hands and feet to a tree?) from which at least two people died, against opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Ken Hechtman writes:

Something about this story doesn’t smell right. If you run the Arabic blog pages through Google Translate, none of the bloggers say they personally saw the crucifixions or spoke to anyone who did. They all source the story to an unnamed Sky News correspondent and if you search for the story on Sky News, it isn’t there.

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