Police ignoring black on white racial violence

Richard W. writes:

You were among the first to suggest that Obama’s presidency would not lead to an era of racial harmony, but rather would fan the flames of black resentment. I’m still not sure I quite understand why, but events seem to be proving you correct. Attached are two recent articles on black on white violent attacks this summer, one of which you covered previously, but which is now put into a context by a local news reporter.

An interesting thread in both is the complete unwillingness of the police to treat black-on-white hate crime as serious. In the Akron wilding case, which you wrote about. the police essentially refused to investigate, refused to let the victims identify the perpetrators, and let the young thugs go the day of the beatings. In the second case a brick was thrown through the window of a home with a racial message on it saying that whites should stay out of the neighborhood, the police insist it’s not a hate crime. Amazing!

- Akron [white] victims frustrated with police response

- The Austin ‘Brick thrown through window is not a hate crime” story: from AmRen

- from original source—the Austin Statesman

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